Zero Point

Zero Point

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The Departure

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The Departure

Jupiter War

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In the cold reaches of space, are they sowing the seeds of battle?
Alan Saul is now part human and part machine, and our solar system isn’t big enough to hold him. He craves the stars, but can’t
leave yet. His sister Var is trapped on Mars, on the wrong side of a rebellion. And Saul’s human side won’t let her die. He must
leave Argus Station to stage a dangerous rescue – but mutiny is brewing on board.
Serene Galahad is the earth’s latest dictator, with its full powers at her disposal – and she’ll do anything to prevent Saul from
escaping her grasp. So she musters new warships, ready to unleash a terrifying display of interstellar violence. The previous ship
sent to end Saul failed, and is now limping back to earth. One survivor is Clay Ruger, who is holding to ransom humanity’s greatest
asset – seeds to rebuild a dying Earth. He’ll give them up if Galahad gives up her life. But will Galahad pay the price, to ensure
humanity’s future?

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Jupiter War:


Jupiter War is the final book in the Owner trilogy by Neal Asher.
‘This dizzying and unusually thoughtful space opera . . . The result is a challenging, extremely satisfying
read’ – Publishers Weekly
‘Expertly ratchets up the narrative tension and excitement with high-tech mayhem and technological razzledazzle’ – Kirkus Reviews

About the Author

Neal Asher was born in Billericay, Essex, and divides his time between the UK and Crete. The majority of his novels are set within one future history, known as the Polity universe which encompasses many classic science fiction tropes including world-ruling artificial intelligences, androids, hive minds and aliens. His full-length novels include GridlinkedThe SkinnerThe Line of PolityCowlBrass ManThe Voyage of the Sable KeechHilldiggersPrador MoonLine WarShadow of the ScorpionOrbus and The Technician. His Owner series novels include The DepartureZero Point and Jupiter War.
Author can be found online at
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