The Sun and The Void

The Sun and The Void

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Gwen and Art Are Not in Love

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Gwen and Art Are Not in Love

Sons of Darkness

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‘An unforgettable wild journey set in re-imagined Vedic India’ SF BOOK REVIEW
‘Remarkable characterization and vivid worldbuilding… riveting epic fantasy

The Mathuran Republic is on the brink of oblivion. Bled dry by years of war with the Magadhan Empire, only the triple walls of its capital stand between it and annihilation.

Now the Empire’s siege engines have fallen silent. Mathura may be out of funds and out of friends, but it is not yet out of fortune. A year-long funerary truce has been declared and Senator Krishna has an outside chance to save the caste-free republic he created.

But Krishna is not the only player on the board.

While Mathura and Magadh war, the neighbouring kingdoms of Kalinga, Panchal and Hastina jostle for supremacy: naive kings, sinister queens, pious assassins, predatory priests and strange foreigners dream of conquest, lust, avarice, revenge. and long-forgotten gods prepare to play their hand.

‘The ashes of light drift amidst corpses of stars, and the dead storm returns, with an echo of power. When the sun dies, the shadows will dance in a fiery coldness to welcome the Son of Darkness.’

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Sons of Darkness:


“Through humour, torture, gore, lust, magic, dangerous power games and bloodcurdling battles, Sons of Darkness takes us on an unforgettable wild journey set in re-imagined Vedic India.” ― SF BOOK REVIEW

“Remarkable characterization and vivid worldbuilding bolster this riveting epic fantasy.” ― Kirkus Reviews

Sons of Darkness contains all the trappings of a high adventure. The saga is perfect for fans of Game of Thrones ― Midwest Book Review

‘A worldbuilding aficionado’s dream come true… This is the best fantasy debut of 2022’ ― Fantasy Book Critic

Mahabharata imbued with A Song of Ice and FireThe First Law, & Malazan Book of the FallenSons of Darkness is the best fantasy debut of 2022. The unbreached bastion for grimdark fantasy literature in India has been breached with Mohanty as the lead, and nothing can stop the novel from encompassing the entire world now. ― Novel Notions

Sons of Darkness smashes open the fountain of originality, spilling insidious plot, incredible characters, and grim violence. I loved this book. ― Fanfi Addict

Vast and sweeping in scale, even while it is attentive to the minutia of its characters motivations and inner lives, Sons of Darkness is a fresh new, grimdark fantasy built on old bones and perfect for those who love their stories epic and their worlds unique! ― Reedsy

A wild, intriguing work of fantasy that will keep you glued from the beginning till the end. ― Online Book Club

Through humor, torture, gore, lust, magic, dangerous power games and bloodcurdling battles, Sons of Darkness takes us on an unforgettable wild journey set in re-imagined Vedic India. ― San Francisco Book Review

The author’s vision, and the world he has created is breathtaking and fascinating. The Indian Fantasy Fiction genre finally comes of age with this book. — Anand Neelakantan, bestselling author of Asura and The Bahubali Series

Book Description

A ‘grimdark’ fantasy reimagining of the ancient Indian epic the Mahabharata.

About the Author

Author, Lawyer, Stand-Up Comedian, Papercut Survivor, Pretend Swordfighter, Recovering Burgers Addict. As evident, his life has many tabs open.

Though he was doing well as a lawyer in Mumbai, he is now pursuing the infinitely more unattainable dream of being the first ‘grimdark fantasy novelist’ of India. A connoisseur of
mythologies and momos, he enjoys channeling ‘The Rock’ and writing author bios in third person.

Sons of Darkness is Gourav’s first novel. Give it a shot, for the author owes gold to goblins.

Author can be found online at

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