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The Thirteenth Fairy

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The Thirteen Fairy

Sword of Fire

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The celebrated DEVERRY series is an epic fantasy rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven history over several hundred years.

The bards are the people’s voice – and their sword.

All over the kingdom of Deverry, the common people are demanding a change that will wrest power from the landed aristocracy: reform of the corrupt law courts. In the city of Aberwyn, the situation catches fire when the authorities allow the death of a bard from a hunger strike rather than hear the people’s protest.
But things haven’t always been this way.
Alyssa, a student and protégé of the bard who gave his life, discovers evidence that may overthrow the system that keeps her people downtrodden – in an ancient tome hidden far away. Though there are powerful lords who will kill anyone who threatens their privileges, and the road is full of the unknown – dragons, royalty, secrets and more –  Alyssa volunteers to make the dangerous journey and bring back the text.
A chance encounter with a rough but handsome stranger, a riot in the streets and Alyssa charges into her mission whether she’s ready or not.
The time has come to burn away injustice.
This first novel of an epic fantasy trilogy introduces new readers to the beloved and bestselling world of Deverry while delighting fans of Kerr. A tale of uprising and empowerment that blends magic, politics, and adventure in an unforgettable setting.

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Sword of Fire:


Praise for Sword of Fire:

‘Kerr is an excellent writer, her stories live and breathe – exciting, unpredictable, and engaging in equal measure.’
Mark Lawrence

‘Billed as the first novel in a brand-new trilogy, SWORD OF FIRE is a great jumping off point for new and existing readers alike and provides an intelligent and emotional new story that truly has something to say
Sci Fi Now

‘Katharine Kerr makes a captivating return, delivering an enticing new story full of adventure and political intrigue.’
British Fantasy Society

“A welcome return to a long-beloved world that also takes the story in a fresh direction.” KIRKUS

“Blending magic, politics, and adventure in an unforgettable setting” THE ARCHED DOORWAY

“A great place for new readers to jump into the story with, or for us veterans to dive back into the series.” THE ARCHED DOORWAY

“Escapism of the highest quality”

Praise for Katharine Kerr and the Deverry novels:

‘A fantastic plot which turns a simple story into something far more original … a cracking read … engrossing’ SFX

‘A criminally under-rated and overlooked epic fantasy sequence [with] a keen sense of history, well drawn characters, and a complex plot’ Kate Elliott, author of the Spiritwalker Trilogy

‘An unusually scholarly writer of fantasy’ TELEGRAPH

‘Much as I dislike comparing anything to The Lord of the Rings, I have to admit that on this occasion it’s justified’ INTERZONE

‘Kerr is a master of her trade…She has created a world that might very well go on for ever, and this one reader sincerely hopes it does’ VECTOR

‘An extensive and complete world, whose endlessly fascinating details grow book by book’ STARLOG

About the Author

Katharine Kerr was born in Ohio and moved to San Francisco Bay Area in 1962, where she has lived ever since. She has read extensively in the fields of classical archeology, and medieval and dark ages history and literature, and these influences are clear in her work. Her epic Deverry series has won widespread praise and millions of fans around the world.

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